Comprehending Medjugorje : Original Documents And Conversations with Arnaud Dumouch

A Conversation Between Daria Klanac And Arnaud Dumouch

Reference (French Edition) :
Daria Klanac, Comprendre Medjugorje : Regard historique et théologique, avec la collaboration du théologien Arnaud Dumouch, Informativni centar Mir, Medjugorje, en coédition avec les Éditions Sakramento, Paris, 2012, 2e éd. (1re éd. 2008, ISBN 978-2-915380-19-4 & 978-9958-36017-6), entretien avec le théologien Arnaud Dumouch, pages 119 à 208.
English Translation by Duško Čondić



Events in Medjugorje Intrigue and Invite Consideration.
Is the Blessed Virgin Mary Truly appearing in that place?
A Conversation Between Daria Klanac
And Arnaud Dumouch

Marie (The Annunciation, Fra Angelico, 1446).


It is justified to raise questions as regards various viewpoints—especially if they relate to apparitions. Our knowledge of faith and life is fed by curiosity, like that of a curious child who must be taught. When the angel appeared to Mary, her first spontaneous reaction was: “How…” She wished to comprehend—to gain some sort of clarification. She believed the response that was given to her and embraced it without comment. The Virgin went through such an experience; hence, filled with understanding and patience, she accepted a thousand and one questions on the part of the children in Medjugorje so as to bring them to a maturity of faith.

The Apostle Thomas, after the resurrection of Jesus, acted in a manner that we often act: I must touch, I must see with my very own eyes so as to believe.

I accompanied thousands upon thousands of people to Medjugorje. As their guide, I had to answer many questions. This enriched the exchange of thinking within our group, awakened and sharpened our manner of contemplation.

Inspired by my experience with the pilgrims, I arranged this conversation with the French theologian, Arnaud Dumouch. Together with him, we subjected the majority of the questions posed by those who are interested in the manifestation Medjugorje to a lesser or to a greater degree, to a critical theological as well as human analysis.


10. Cf. Supplement V : A Brief Biographical Sketch Of Theologian Arnaud Dumouch. [↩]