Comprehending Medjugorje : Original Documents And Conversations with Arnaud Dumouch

War and peace

Reference (French Edition) :
Daria Klanac, Comprendre Medjugorje : Regard historique et théologique, avec la collaboration du théologien Arnaud Dumouch, Informativni centar Mir, Medjugorje, en coédition avec les Éditions Sakramento, Paris, 2012, 2e éd. (1re éd. 2008, ISBN 978-2-915380-19-4 & 978-9958-36017-6), entretien avec le théologien Arnaud Dumouch, pages 164 à 165.
English Translation by Duško Čondić


War and peace

Daria Klanac : On the 26th of June, 1981, the Virgin represented herself as the Queen of Peace. The visionary Marija was the first to receive the message of peace and reconciliation. Ten years later, exactly on the day, the war in Slovenia and Croatia began and spread throughout the entire land. How are we to understand that brutal war and the presence of Mary in Medjugorje?

Arnaud Dumouch : The same manifestation, and, at about the same time, occurred in Rwanda. The Virgin appeared in Kibeh (the apparition was recognized by the local Bishop) and the genocide (some 850,000 died) began to occur shortly thereafter. The same is said about the bombing of Hiroshima at the end of the Second World War—the only Catholic city in Japan.

That is not paradoxical, namely, peace, in its Heavenly context, aims at the unity of the human soul and its eternal goal (on Earth, through prayer; in Heaven, through the Beatific Vision).

Therefore, one should not confuse such peace with the prevention of war and misery. The fact that through the past 170 years, almost all of the apparitions that took place in a close tie to the announcement or realization of miseries are tied to the Mystery of the Cross and to its salvific nature (hence, towards eternal salvation). Hence, one must come to understand that theology of the Cross that engulfs our Earth—the first level of cleansing leading to the Beatific Vision. That is the deep theology that concerns the essence of the Christian message and of these purgatories (of which, Earthly life is one) whose purpose is to prepare us to gaze at the face of the Essence of God.