Comprehending Medjugorje : Original Documents And Conversations with Arnaud Dumouch

A note of caution

Reference (French Edition) :
Daria Klanac, Comprendre Medjugorje : Regard historique et théologique, avec la collaboration du théologien Arnaud Dumouch, Informativni centar Mir, Medjugorje, en coédition avec les Éditions Sakramento, Paris, 2012, 2e éd. (1re éd. 2008, ISBN 978-2-915380-19-4 & 978-9958-36017-6), préface de l’éditeur, pages 5 à 8.
English Translation by Duško Čondić



A note of caution


This book was produced in loyalty and obedience to the Church. Final judgement of the Church concerning Medjugorje, as of yet, has not been rendered. We can condense the present position of the Church with the following two points:

1. At present, and until the apparitions cease, judgement on Medjugorje is on hold.

2. No disobedience is incurred if one makes pilgrimage to Medjugorje so long as this is done with the understanding that the apparitions have not been approved. At the present time, ten Franciscans have pastoral concern over the Parish of Medjugorje. All of them have been appointed by the Bishop of Mostar and have the necessary canonical faculties.

The purpose of this work is to engage in an open discussion; hence, a noted theologian participated legitimately as well as fully aware and freely. This would not have been the case had the Church, through its canonical structure (The Bishops’ Conference of the Former Yugoslavia) given it ultimate ruling on the disputed question.


About the translation

This book was originally written in French.

The book was rewritten directly in Croatian, except for the part « Conversation with Arnaud Dumouch » which was translated to Croatian.

This English translation was done with the Croatian version, therefore, the « Conversation with Arnaud Dumouch » is a translation of the Croatian translation of the French original.